A surprise in the charity shop


I was in a charity shop yesterday and spotted a pile of old magazines for 50p each. I love mags, so I bought the lot. Imagine my delight when I spotted this, my old Castle Rise model, photographed here by Chris Nevard. I wish they could have spelled my name properly though...
Chris had been given the model by my old client to use on a new project. This dates from July 2020. He'd used the Feed store and the garage from the original railway, although they have the feel that they've been shoe-horned in because my old customer wanted them there. Chris definitely had a tough job, but he's made a super model despite having to use all my old stuff.

Ironically, when I had been working for the same client, he'd insisted I used some very tired old Mike Gill models. I loved these models and wrote a post about them on my old blog. The client told me he'd visited Mike Gill in his caravan and got the models for next to nothing. Mike Gill was a superb modelmaker and I will do a post about him soon. He wrote a book for Peco about model buildings which is as rare as hen's teeth now. I wonder what happened to him.


  1. That is an excellent find! Sorry for the dumb question from this side of the Atlantic, but is the Mike Gill in the post the Mike Gill who wrote 'The Peco Book of Model Buildings'? It sounds like it. I'd been looking for a copy for years and only found one at an online bookstore just last year. It's an excellent little book, and I look forward to your post about him as I'd like to know more.

    1. Thanks, Jim. Yes, it's the same Mike Gill... I, too, have been looking for the book for years. I'll post some stuff about Mike soon!


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